Sunday, February 5, 2017

Want to make an easy & fun Pop-Up Card?

Hello scrappy friends! I found a tutorial for a quick and easy pop up card.  I'm always looking for different kinds of cards for my granddaughters and I found this tutorial on Facebook and couldn't wait to try it out. I also have a great tip for using some of the Best Glue Ever.

The tutorial is from Trimcraft and can be found here:

When I went to make the card I ran into a problem. You need 1 piece of double sided paper and I didn't have any suitable for Valentine's Day cards.  I thought no problem, I'll just adhere 2 pieces of single sided paper together. Have you ever tried that? Don't bother! I tried to use my ATG gun and  it was a nightmare trying to line up the  2 pages just doesn't work. Then I saw my bottle of the Best Glue Ever and it just clicked. I drew a small bead of the Best Glue Ever around the edges of one piece of single sided paper and laid the other piece of single sided paper on top and was able to line up the edges perfectly. The glue gave me the time I needed to line everything up easily. I also used some of the Best Glue Ever to make the layered belly band to go around the card. That glue is just amazing....I don't know how I ever managed without it!

 Here are a couple of peaks of the inside of the card

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll give this card a try!

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