Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cleaning Cricut Mats with ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever

I've got a post up at the ScraPerfect Blog today about using the Best Cleaner Ever and I can't wait to show you how amazing the Best Cleaner Ever is at cleaning old Cricut Mats. I hate having to throw away Cricut mats when they lose their stickiness for a couple of reasons. First is the cost to replace them and second is the new ones are just too sticky and I usually end up ripping the paper when I try to remove it from the mat. So, I thought I'd try the Best Cleaner Ever on one of my old mats.

Here's what the mat looked like

Here are a couple of closeups

 It's hard to see in the photos but they were covered in glitter and little bits of paper. First I spread some newspaper over my work space because I knew there was going to be all sorts of crud coming off the mats. Then I sprayed the mat with some of the Best Cleaner Ever, rubbed it all over the mat with my fingers and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I then took an old gift card and started scraping along the mat. All sorts of crud came off! Once I got it all off, I washed the mat in warm water with some Joy dishwashing detergent and let it air dry. It looked brand new except for all the cut marks on the mat. 

I was going to apply some of the Best Glue Ever to get the stickiness back but I was very surprised to find the mat was still sticky. I tested it several times in the Cricut and the paper stayed right where I placed it on the mat and cut beautifully. It's not as sticky as a brand new mat, which is perfect for me! And if it loses it's stickiness I can always apply some of the Best Glue Ever.

Here's a photo of a brand new mat (L) and my recycled one (R)

Not much of a difference in my opinion!

Now onto a cute little Thanksgiving card I made for one of my granddaughters.

I embossed the background with a wood grain embossing folder and then used the Perfect Crafting Pouch over it before I gently inked over it with several different colors of ink. The turkey was a pre-made embellishment I picked up at Hobby Lobby but I took some of his feathers off and added my own. I stamped and die cut all the feathers and then using the Best Glue Ever randomly attached them behind the turkey.

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