Saturday, November 19, 2016

I've got a layout up at the ScraPerfect blog today that I would like to share with you. It's a fall layout, my favorite kind to do since this is my favorite time of year.

I also tried something new for me. I had bought these little wooden leaves and I thought they would look really pretty if I added some glitter  or embossing powder to them. So I gathered my supplies and couldn't find my embossing stamp I decided to try using the Best Glue Ever and it worked just as well as the embossing ink. I just lightly spread some of the Best Glue Ever over the wooden leaves, sprinkled the embossing powder and used my heat gun to set it. It worked perfectly. I did the green and orange leaves that way.

For the glittered leaves, I used a bit more glue and then really covered the leaves with the glitter.

I shook off the excess glitter and then took a piece of plastic packaging and pressed the glitter down into the glue. Let it dry and here are the results close up.

That photo doesn't do them justice. They came out very nice, but I just couldn't get a good photo of them.  Then I set them aside to dry and set about assembling my layout. And as you can imagine, my fingers were quite a sticky glittery mess so I just sprayed some of the Best Cleaner Ever on them and everything came right off. I love that stuff!

Normally my fall pages are mostly orange and browns but since all the flowers in the photo were pink I added the big pink plaid banner behind the photo to tie it all in. I cut some strips of dark cork into banners and layered the blue and copper paper on top of them. I also added a light coat of gesso behind the photo and sprinkled the background with some coffee colored mist. I even added a journaling  card, which is unusual for me, and matted that with the same colored papers as I matted the photo with. To top it all off, I then added the leaves I had made for a bit of sparkle. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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