Saturday, August 19, 2017

How To Make Pretty Glittered Tags

I've got a project up at the ScraPerfect today on how to make quick and easy glittered tags.

I was wanting to use something gold on a layout I was making and really hated to cut into my one last piece of gold paper. Then I remembered how good the Best Glue Ever worked with glitter. So I grabbed a couple of plain white tags, my gold glitter and the Best Glue Ever

I spread some of the Best Glue Ever around on just part of the tags since I wasn't going to use the whole tag. 

I then spread the glue around with my finger being sure to get it all over.

Then I sprinkled on the glitter, shook off the excess and let them dry.

While they were drying I cleaned up my mess using some of the Best Cleaner Ever on my work mat. It worked great and cleaned up the excess gluey mess I had made. Then of course, I had glitter all over the place so I grabbed the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and was able to wipe up all the excess glitter.

Here's another photo of my finished tags on my perfectly clean work mat!

I hope this gives you some ideas on ways to add some sparkle to your embellishments.
Thanks for stopping by!

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